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LSQ-HDB Modular valve series is the latest Songqiao innovation designed to meet the requirements of the mobile equipment market. Designed with the feedback from the market and with the major OEM collaboration, it has a residual pressure relief system which allows an operator to connect and disconnect the two circuit lines with residual pressure, both in the male and in the female. LSQ-HDB modular valve series is equipped with ISO 16028 interchangeable flat face couplings, has a modular design for multiple port options, and allows for a wide range of coupler sizes: 1 / 2 (04), 3 / 4(08)


Skid Steer,  Excavator,  Mobile construction equipment



Before to couple clean the flat mating surface of quick coupling to avoid the inclusion of dirty in the circuit. 

Drain the residual pressure pulling the knob out and up to drain the residual pressure of upper coupling, down to drain the residual pressure of lower coupling.



Do not relieve pressure:

--When the attachment is not in the rest position

--During operation of the attachment ( due to danger of unexpected movement of the attachment)

Do not use the female coupling disconnected with high impulse pressure frequency.

Do not couple-uncouple with flow and/or pump pressure in the circuit. Dis / Connection only allowed with residual pressure.

Do not couple-uncouple when the temperature inside of the circuit is higher than 80°C (176°F ).

When the couplings are disconnected, it is suggested to use the protection caps.

It is important to limit contamination in the circuit to avoid compromising the function of the internal valves.

Body Size(in)1/2(04)3/4(08)
Rated Pressure (PSI)43504350
Rated Flow(GPM)1228
Temperature Range(std seals)-20 to +120
Standard seal materialNBR

Connect--Disconnect max. residual pressure: 3625(PSI).



User friendly relief system allows for easy connection and disconnection with residual pressure.

It drain the residual pressure before connection and disconnection, allowing the connection without pressure and without effort in safety condition , in order to reduce injury risk .

Flat face is easy to clean, helping to reduce the inclusion of contamination to the hydraulic circuit.

Minimal fluid loss during connection / disconnection, reducing fluid loss to the environment.

Minimal air inclusion during connection / disconnection, enhancing correct function of the circuit.

Patented internal coupling's valve design creates minimal pressure drop, maintaining circuit efficiency in the system

Good resistance at impulse pressures .

Compact slim and flexible design ( it allow to use different size of couplings ) .

Safe and simple to us



Interchangeability: equipped with ISO 16028

couplings available in different configuration and different dimensions

Couplings type: Flat face

Mechanical connection: Locking balls

Connection system: Push to connect

Disconnection system: Pulling back the sleeve of the female coupling

Connection with residual pressure: After draining the pressure with the lever

Disconnection with residual pressure: After draining the pressure with the lever

Seals: standard in NBR (Nitrile)

Anti-extrusion rings: PTFE

12.5LSQ-HDB-04184S44.45 HEXS50.8 HEXS25.4 HEXΦ   38Φ   24.54Φ   19.75
19LSQ-HDB-06188S44.45 HEXS50.8 HEXS25.4 HEXΦ   38Φ   29.95Φ   19.75

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